LEGO Star Wars 2021 set rumours

New LEGO Star Wars sets, including simplified versions of iconic starfighters, are rumoured to be on the way in 2021.

A selection of new LEGO Star Wars sets are rumoured to be on the way next year, with PromoBricks sharing a list that includes Microfighters, simplified starfighters and a 4+ set.

Here are the sets rumoured by PromoBricks to be coming next year:

75295 Millennium Falcon Microfighter

The third version of the Falcon as a Microfighter, this will use 101 pieces and include Han Solo wearing a brown jacket.

75298 Tauntaun & AT-AT Microfighter

This 213 piece set will include Luke Skywalker and an AT-AT Driver.

75297 Resistance X-Wing (4+)

This simple 4+ set will be the sequel trilogy X-wing Starfighter, in a blue and grey colour scheme. It will be 92 pieces and retail for €19.99.

75299 Mandalorian Hero Vehicle

Presumably based on something that will appear in Season 2 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, the 276 piece set will be a vehicle related to the ‘good guys’.

75300 TIE Fighter

According to these rumours, next year’s theme will attempt to offer key vehicles at lower prices points, making them more accessible for children. The 432 piece set will include three minifigures and retail for €39.99.

75301 X-wing

Along the same lines, Luke Skywalker’s X-wing will be just 474 pieces and include Luke Skywalker and R2-D2. It will retail for €49.99.

75302 Imperial Shuttle

The set will be 589 pieces and retail for €79.99, suggesting like the X-wing and TIE Fighter it will be a reduced size compared to previous editions.

75303 Ultimate Collector Series Set

While the subject matter is unknown, this will apparently be released on May 1 for €200.00

75307 Statue

This set is expected to be the latest character statue, following 75318 The Child.

New helmet sets are rumoured to be on the way too.

Four new LEGO Harry Potter sets are rumoured to be textbooks that open out to become classrooms, with a new LEGO Art set rumoured to be inspired by the Wizarding World.

Rumours should be take with a pinch of salt until official announcements are made by the LEGO Group.

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