LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer rumoured for February 2018

Rumours are circulating that an Ultimate Collector Series Super Star Destroyer will be coming to the LEGO Star Wars next year.

Less than six months after the launch of 75192 Millennium Falcon, a Reddit user is sharing the rumour that the Super Star Destroyer will be getting the LEGO Star Wars UCS treatment again. The release date is likely to be February 2018. With the recent announcement of 10256 Taj Mahal, it is unknown whether the Super Star Destroyer will be a faithful reissue or updated version.


10221 Super Star Destroyer was released in 2011 and retired in 2014 – meaning it has only been three years since the set was last available. It is a much shorter time frame than the decade fans had to wait for a new Millennium Falcon, and the nine years between Taj Mahal releases. Whether demand has built up to the same level yet remains to be seen.

All information about the possible new LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer should be considered rumour and speculation until it is officially confirmed.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released on December 14 in the UK and December 15 in the USA. The LEGO sets based on the upcoming movie are available now.



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