LEGO Technic 42090 Getaway Truck review

Does the LEGO Group’s second pull back Technic vehicle, 42090 Getaway Truck, deserve to escape with your hard earned cash or should it end up behind LEGO bars?

Price: £17.99 / $19.99 / €19.99  Pieces: 128  Available: Now

LEGO Technic 42090 Getaway Truck uses 128 pieces to build a red, black and grey 4×4 vehicle with flame decals, which features a pull back motor play feature. The set can be built as a standalone model or can be combined together with 42091 Police Pursuit (reviewed here) to build the ‘Ultimate 4×4 Police Vehicle’.

As it is designed as an accompanying set to the Police Pursuit vehicle, throughout this review I will be drawing comparisons between the two. This is the second of the two pullback vehicles of this wave I have built so I had some idea of the techniques that I might need to employ throughout the building process but even so it was actually a very enjoyable, albeit quick, model to put together.

This set definitely feels more robust than 42091 Police Pursuit does. The windscreen frame work is nicely designed, and I much prefer the part usage with this model over its law enforcement counterpart. There is nice shaping throughout the entire design and the black, red and grey colour scheme lends to the ‘bad guy’ getaway vehicle idea that this set has been based around.

I love the large and chunky wheels and, though it may come as a surprise to some who have been following this review series, I actually love the stickers included. The flame decals look excellent and make the 1×1 round trans-blue headlights pop. I also love the added touch the designers included in this set using the LEGO set number, 42090, as the license plate.

The way the pull back motor integrates with this model is actually really smart and looks like a piece of cargo or perhaps a petrol can that has been placed in the back trailer of the vehicle. The pull back feature works really well and I have to admit pulling back both 42090 Getaway Truck and 42091 Police Pursuit Vehicle together and racing them was a lot of fun.

Like the Police Pursuit car, this set is guilty of having one too many gaps. In fact the whole front section underneath the bonnet is left open and exposed. It is a real shame that this could not have been filled in better to match with the quality of the rest of the build.

Overall, 42090 Getaway Truck is a fun little set with a pleasing build process. The final design looks suitably bulky and is distinctive enough when compared to 42091 Police Pursuit vehicle that you don’t feel you are just building the same model in a different colour scheme. I would highly recommend purchasing both sets as they really come alive when racing them and, more often than not, crashing them together spectacularly.

This product was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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