Meet the LEGO MASTERS Series 2 teams – Catherine and Patrick

Brick Fanatics counts down to the new series of LEGO MASTERS by speaking to each of the Series 2 build pairs. Today, brother and sister Patrick and Catherine share their story

It is almost time for the return of LEGO MASTERS, so Brick Fanatics is catching up with each pair of LEGO fans who will be competing for the ultimate brick accolade. Patrick and Catherine are brother and sister, approaching the show with plenty of passion for the brick.

Are you LEGO fans?

Patrick: Yes, we have loved LEGO for as long as we can remember. I am currently very excited about LEGO Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

Catherine: We love all of the different themes, especially LEGO Creator, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

What kind of LEGO fans are you?

C: I build LEGO sets and build creatively, I really like when we build MOCs for our games.

P: I am a collector and a builder, I’m a hardcore LEGO fan and like to stay up to date on all the latest LEGO releases and reveals.

What are your favourite things to build from LEGO?

P: I like to build different vehicles or creatures from my own imagination and usually have a backstory for them.

C: I like building headquarters, houses and different buildings.

Do you have any other creative hobbies?

C: I like art and music, playing lots of different instruments with my dad. I love to bake as well.

P: I feel a strong passion for reading and writing, but I use a lot of my spare time for drawing, LEGO and making stop motion animations.


What made you apply to LEGO MASTERS?

P: I really wanted to show everyone my passion for building and there was no better way than to be on television. I also really wanted to meet Matthew Ashton.

C: I love LEGO and I thought it would be cool, a great adventure.

Had you ever built LEGO creations together before?

C: Yes, and it’s great fun. We built a headquarters and a town with vehicles.

P: We’ve built many things together.

Did you do any preparation for the auditions?

P: Yes, but it was quite hard as we’re not used to planning builds, but we were hoping it would be an advantage to be organised.

C: We had plans in our notebook.

How did you feel attending the auditions? Did you expect to succeed?

P: I felt nervous but it was so much fun. I didn’t honestly expect to get through which made it all the more amazing when we did.

C: I left so excited, nervous, crazy and happy! I thought we would do well because we make a great team.

To see Patrick and Catherine in action, tune into LEGO MASTERS from November 6 on Channel 4.

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