LEGO တွင် သုံးပုံတစ်ပုံကို သိမ်းဆည်းပါ။ City Argos နှင့်အတူ 60351 ဒုံးပျံလွှတ်တင်ရေးစင်တာ

သင်သည် LEGO ပေါ်တွင် ကြီးမားသော ချွေတာမှုကို လောလောဆယ် ပြုလုပ်နိုင်သည်။ City အစုံ 60351 ဒုံးပျံလွှတ်တင်ရေးစင်တာ, which has been discounted by 34% by Argos

It really is blast off with this offer, which sees the retailer shave a massive £42 off the full price of this set. That reduces 60351 ဒုံးပျံလွှတ်တင်ရေးစင်တာ to only £83, which is a third of the RRP. 

Click here to buy 60351 Rocket Launch Centre for £83.

You can count down to more than 1,000 when adding up the number of pieces in this set. Those allow 60351 ဒုံးပျံလွှတ်တင်ရေးစင်တာ to be packed with NASA-inspired detail, including a multistage rocket complete with capsule, cargo bay, fuel tank and boostအင်း 

Whether you’re reimagining iconic space missions of yesteryear or shooting for the stars with new adventures of your own, the finished rocket stands more than 40cm tall when built. This means it’ll look great as part of your LEGO City collection, especially with the launchpad, control centre and observatory on show. 

There are seven minifigures included in the box, while there’s also a service truck, space rover and drone to complete your missions. Houston will not have any problems with how prepared you are, or with the massive saving you can pick up on 60351 ဒုံးပျံလွှတ်တင်ရေးစင်တာ at Argos right now. 

Click through this link to buy 60351 Rocket Launch Centre for £83 now.

Whether this is your first introduction to the LEGO City theme or your metropolis is bursting at the seams and ready for new horizons across the universe, you can choose between a range of delivery and click and collect options at Argos

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