New LEGO Minecraft sets revealed

Two new LEGO Minecraft sets, due for release next year, have been revealed in official images.

Based on the smash hit video game, Minecraft has been part of the LEGO portfolio for seven years now. Two new sets are on their way, with an official release date of December 1. Given that Brickset has found PlanetHappy already running images of the products, they may turn up sooner.

Amazon is accepting pre-orders for 21165 The Bee Farm (priced at £17.99) but not 21166 The “Abandoned” Mine. Both sets are on the smaller side.

Here are translated product descriptions from PlanetHappy:

21165 The Bee Farm

As four friendly bees buzz around happily helping the flowers and crops grow, a swarm of four angry red-eyed bees move closer to the beekeeping farm to harass the sheep and the frightened villager. The bees are really everywhere – even on the tree! Can you help the beekeeper with her elytra and protect the villager from the stinging bees?

21166 The “Abandoned” Mine

Head into the mine shaft with Steve, build and explore – all while defending against the constant attacks! In the cave you will find coal, iron and diamonds. But watch out for the terrifying zombie, creepy spider and living slime. When you see them, lure them to the cave entrance and then drop the gravel from above onto the enemy mobs – BOOM!

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