One of the biggest LEGO Ideas sets ever is back in stock online

One of the biggest LEGO Ideas sets to date dropped out of stock earlier this week, but the blooming behemoth that is 21318 Tree House is now back at

Until 21323 Grand Piano came along and usurped it last summer, 21318 Tree House’s 3,036 pieces made it the single largest LEGO Ideas set to date – and also took it past the platform’s limit of 3,000 elements for a single proposal.

The musical model has outstripped that figure by more than 600 parts, but it shouldn’t take away from just how impressive 21318 Tree House is. And the LEGO Group knows it: while the set was reportedly destined to retire in 2020, the company extended its shelf life well into this year.

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That means you’ve got no excuses for missing out on this one before that inevitable retirement does come along, particularly as it’s back in stock at the time of writing. Mosey on over to, add it to your basket and you’ll also get both Easter promos – 40449 Easter Bunny’s Carrot House and 30579 Easter Chick Egg – for your trouble.

21318 Tree House now returns to our Top 20 LEGO Sets List, where it’s occupied a practically permanent position (while in stock) since launching in 2019. Just as it did earlier this week, though, there’s no telling when it could shift to being temporarily unavailable again, and therefore drop right back out of the list.

If you come to buy it and find it is indeed temporarily out of stock again, no bother: our stock alerts will keep you in the loop.

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