Robotic LEGO breakfast machine

Another fancy LEGO robotic build has gone viral, and with good reason – this one helps make breakfast.

Talented LEGO Mindstorms fan The Brick Wall has constructed a wonderfully over engineered breakfast assistant, that will fry bacon, crack eggs and scramble them too.

One bacon is inserted, a frame will then carry it over to the frying pan, and a wheeled robot will trundle out to deposit the rashers into the pan. An accompanying wheeled robot will handle moving the back around the pan to ensure it cooks fairly evenly.

Things get more impressive with the eggs, which are loaded into the back of the frame, carried forward, then cracked over the pan in a surprisingly smooth motion. Chances are there was some trial and error here. To finish things off, the robot will even pick up the salt and pepper shakers and season the food, before removing it from the pan and depositing onto a plate.

Everything needs to be carefully lined up – this LEGO robotic setup is not fully automated by any stretch – but it is certainly a fun demonstration of the power of Mindstorms.

The Brick Wall created this MOC as a treat for his father, who cooks breakfast every Saturday and Sunday. It must certainly have been a surprise to come into the kitchen and find it on the counter…


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