Rounding up the LEGO news from International Toy Fair 2020

With International Toy Fair having revealed a huge number of sets, Brick Fanatics rounds up all of the hot new LEGO information

Every year, the global toy industry gathers in Nuremberg, Germany for International Toy Fair. It is always a big opportunity for toy companies to reveal new products and there is always LEGO news coming from the event – sometimes it is pictures, sometimes it is just information. This time, no photography was permitted on the LEGO stand so it is a glut of text-based news.

LEGO DOTS is the latest theme

Coinciding with International Toy Fair, the LEGO Group and Camille Walala opened the HOUSE OF DOTS in London. This celebration of creativity saw the unveiling of the LEGO DOTS theme, a new entry into thearts and craft market. The sets will be released on March 1. More information

Iron Man is busted

76165 Iron Man Bust will arrive in the LEGO Marvel theme, bringing a new type of set to the range. With a €59.99 price it will not be huge, but will seek to capture the image of the most famous Avenger. More information

The White House is coming to LEGO Architecture

For the first time since the release of 21006 The White House, the US President’s residence will be recreated in the brick – just in time for the 2020 election. It will be significantly larger than the last edition of the landmark. More information

Pirates turn up in LEGO Creator

LEGO Ideas is not having all of the piratey fun this year, with LEGO Creator 31109 Pirate Ship capturing the spirit of the classic LEGO Pirates theme in a new ship model that will launch this summer. While it is not the same as the iconic vessels from the original theme, influences are clear. More information

LEGO news fans need from New York Toy Fair in 2020

LEGO DOTS 41904 Picture Holders 1

Adults are a target market in Germany (and elsewhere)

With the LEGO Group already reaching an enormous number of children in the west, adults are now in the company’s sight more than ever before. As a group they spend more of their income on toys than ever before, so the LEGO Group intends for some of that money to go on the brick. More information

LEGO NINJAGO will get competitive

Some of the new LEGO NINJAGO sets, that will launch in the summer, can be combined to create a board game. It seems that there is an intent to capitalise on the growing board game market. NINJAGO Legacy sets will also continue, focusing on classic stories from the theme’s past. More information

LEGO City returns to the skies and the sea

In LEGO City there will be a focus on air travel and undersea exploration this summer. 60260 Air Race, 60261 Central Airport and 60262 Aeroplane will cover the skies while 60263 Ocean Mini Submarine, 60264 Ocean Exploration Submarine, 60265 Ocean Exploration Base and 60266 Ocean Exploration Ship will explore the ocean depths. More information

LEGO Friends holiday and explore the jungle

It is set to be a busy summer for the LEGO Friends, as although several vacation themes sets give the impression they will be relaxing, they will also be heading to the jungle to practice their veterinary skills on some beasts. More information

LEGO Technic loves licences

Two new licensed LEGO Technic sets are on the way. A partnership with Universal Pictures to release a Fast & Furious set has been announced, as has a partnership with Lamborghini to release the iconic car. More information

New York Toy Fair is coming up next, when hopefully there will be images released of some of these upcoming products.

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