First rumour emerges for the new 2023 LEGO modular building

A new modular building is a highlight of the year for many LEGO fans. While January is still a way off, the rumours have started to emerge.

Few LEGO sets are as anticipated as a new addition to the Modular Building Collection. Since Cafe Corner was released back in 2007, January has had LEGO fans making room on their build table and clearing a 32 stud wide space on their display shelf. Or occasionally a bit wider.

Now Stonewars has been the first to fire up the rumour mill, as they hint at what might be to come. Sadly we have no idea what the set might be yet (sorry), but we do have a pretty good idea of the set number, which Stonewars has listed as 10312.

Typically the new modular is one of the best kept secrets of the LEGO Group’s calendar, and is usually announced around the first week of December. Last year (this year, technically) saw the launch of 10297 Boutique Hotel which followed on from 10278 Police Station and 10270 Bookshop.


As to what this new building might be, well your guess is as good as ours, but it didn’t stop us trying recently. Remember – if it turns out to be a hospital or a doctor’s surgery, you read it here first. Meanwhile, if you want to get your modular buzz on, then why not take a look back at our review of 10297 Boutique Hotel

If that’s whetted your appetite for a new LEGO set, then please consider buying via our affiliate links, it all helps to support Brick Fanatics. Thanks.

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4 thoughts on “First rumour emerges for the new 2023 LEGO modular building

  • 12/10/2022 at 19:01

    Gosh how exciting. Lego releases one modular a year. In that time other companies release dozens. I’m always keen on the news from Ohsojang, whose designs are much more interesting than anything coming out of Denmark these days.

    • 14/10/2022 at 22:01

      Try selling your Ohsojang sets again when you are done with them at some point in the future and see if you can find any takers that will give you more for it than the price of the plastic for recycling. It may be several a year, but they are practically worthless as soon as you are done building them.


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