Rumoured LEGO Marvel Brick Sketches listed online

A pair of previously rumoured LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Marvel Brick Sketches have appeared at a price comparison site, suggesting that the sets might be coming.

Late last year, rumours surfaced that two Brick Sketches models were on the way in 2022 based on Miles Morales and Iron Man. One of the same set numbers as in that initial report has now appeared in listings on – a source that has been reliable in the past.

According to the price comparison website, 40536 Miles Morales and 40535 Iron Man are coming in 2022, though no exact release date has been listed. The source also does not list either potential model as part of the Brick Sketches theme, meaning the original rumour may have been partially misinformed, as supported by 40536 Miles Morales
$5.99 at BUY NOW
$9.99 at BUY NOW
not featuring the previous number of 40546.

Remember to treat the information presented in this article as a rumour and read it with caution until the LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Group can confirm or deny any more Brick Sketches sets.

For those who need to scratch an itch for more Brick Sketches sooner rather than later, the first range is currently on sale on the official online store in the UK and Europe. This does not include 40456 Mickey Mouse and 40457 Minnie Mouse, which are also ready to buy on now.

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