See LEGO 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System NES set being built

A new video shows every brick of LEGO 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System being put together from start to finish.

Fans who not yet been able to order and build 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System can follow along vicariously thanks to this timelapse video, that sees the nostalgia soaked LEGO set built from beginning to end. That means it reveals a glimpse into the internal mechanism, showing how the model works.

Once the set is built, the video even gives a taste of it in action.

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The set launched on August 1 and uses 2,646 pieces. It has been packed with detail to appeal to the most ardent Nintendo fan and includes a special Super Mario element featuring an 8-bit depiction of the character. A handle operates a scrolling screen, so that Mario can travel through the level just as he did in Super Mario Bros.

It is even compatible with 71360 Adventures with Mario Starter Course (review) as the interactive Mario figure can be placed on top of the tv for special reactions.

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