Giving the LEGO Stranger Things Demogorgon minifigure a floral makeover

The Demogorgon head from LEGO Stranger Things is reappearing in 10311 Orchid, meaning you can soon give the minifigure a floral makeover.

Out of the genius uses of parts in the two 2022 LEGO Botanical Collection sets, few pieces are used as well as the Demogorgon minifigure heading 10311 Orchid –originally from 75810 The Upside Down.

Ahead of the release date on May 1, we’ve used some editing to see what the latest iteration of this specialised piece looks like on the Stranger Things minifigure.

Despite the lighter colour scheme, the minifigure isn’t much less intimidating with an Orchid for a head rather than rows of teeth. Considering the similar shapes of the supernatural creature’s head and the blooms of an Orchid, this might not be too surprising.


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Unfortunately, those aiming to recreate this edit in reality without owning 75810 The Upside Down might be out of luck as the only set containing the minifigure has now retired. You can find a modified version in 854197 Demogorgon Keyring, though it might be especially hard to remove the head without damaging the keyring.

You can pick up 10311 Orchid on the official online store for £44.99 / $49.99 / €49.99 from May 1.

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