Five things to build with LEGO Bowser’s 664,000 pieces

Visitors to the San Diego Comic-Con will come face to face with a 14-foot tall LEGO Bowser. But what else could you do with those bricks?

Giant LEGO sculptures are nothing new. Visitors to LEGO stores are usually met with massive replicas of local landmarks, or models that represent new sets. But for this year’s Comic-Con, returning to San Diego after a Covid-enforced gap of two years, the LEGO Group is pulling out all the stops. It’s created a 14-foot tall, animated model of the King of the Koopas using an astonishing 663,900 bricks.

Numbers that large become difficult to comprehend, so we thought we’d try and put it in some sort of perspective, and see what else you could build with that many bricks.

5 – 321 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Blocks

LEGO 71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block designer video featured

Bowser would surely feel right at home with this set from 2021. Replicating the famous Question Mark block (which didn’t actually appear in Super Mario 64, but we’ll just gloss over that), the set opens like up a brick built jack-in-the-box. Doing so reveals four micro builds of scenes from the game, including Mario standing outside Peach’s Castle, Cool, Cool Mountain, Lethal Lava Trouble and Bob-omb Battlefield. And if you know where to look, you might just find Bowser too.

At 2,064 pieces, you could (for the sake of argument we’re going to assume all LEGO pieces are miraculously interchangeable), build 321 Cubes and still have 1,356 pieces left over. Maybe you could build Daisy, who’s forever overlooked.

4 – 88 Millennium Falcons

75192 Front Comp
HyperFocal: 0

Super Mario Galaxy was set in space. And if you’re in space you’re going to need a spaceship, right? And what better ship than 75192 Millennium Falcon? The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. The ship that did the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. The set that made all the collectors holding on to mint copies of 10179 Millennium Falcon weep.

It’s also (currently) one of the five largest LEGO sets ever released, and as a result, deconstructing Super-Bowser would only give you enough parts for 88 (count ’em) UCS Falcons. With 292 spare parts, maybe you could make a UCS Mynock?

3 – 3,512 Vintage Cars

40448 1

Even villains need to get around, and we get the feeling that Bowser is unlikely to be seen in a family hatchback. Sure, he’s a bad guy (bad tortoise?), but he’s got a bit of style and panache, so we can see him cruising in this waaay cool vintage car.

And as it was a Gift-With-Purchase for a limited time, Bowser’s unlikely to meet anyone driving around in the same car. Chances are, if he did he’d just get out and stomp the other one. At just 189 pieces, you’d be able to build 3,512 sets of these 50s inspired sets of wheels with 132 parts left over for say, a matching motorcycle?

2 – 2,114 Heartlake City Organic Cafes

41444 alt2

After a hard morning, capturing princesses, fighting off Italian plumbers and generally causing rumpus, you need to stop, take a load off and have a snack. It’s not well known, but Bowser’s a health conscious kind of guy who likes to eat properly. So where else is he going to go but an organic cafe?

Sure, he might kidnap Ava and Mia while he’s there, but old habits die hard, right? At 314 parts, our monster Bowser creation could yield enough parts to create 2,114 Organic cafes, with 104 parts left over to create a recycling bin.

1 – 752 Police Stations

60141 alt5

At the end of the day, there’s only one place that a LEGO villain is going to end up, and that’s in a LEGO Police Station. And 60141 has a big enough jail cell to hold almost any baddie you care to mention. We were originally going with 10278 Police Station from the Modular Buildings collection, but something tells us that the cell in that set isn’t as secure as it might be. So 60141 gets the nod.

Using just 894 pieces, that Comic-Con behemoth would give you enough parts to build 742 Police Stations. Or, y’know, just one really big one. Either way you’d have 552 spare pieces. Maybe use them to reinforce those cell walls.

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