The Billion Brick Race co-writer “hopes” the LEGO film will be made

While promoting his new film, writer and director Drew Pearce has talked about his work on The Billion Brick Race.

After the success of The LEGO Movie, when everything was awesome, Warner Bros. announced a slate of LEGO movies. As well as Batman and NINJAGO, based on existing themes, The Billion Brick Race was announced – with a May 2019 release date. The project was to be directed by Drew Pearce from a script he co-wrote with Jason Segel.

Since that initial announcement, Pearce departed the project to direct Hotel Artemis, with Jorge R. Gutiérrez then attached as director before also parting ways with the production team. The film has not officially been cancelled, leaving The Billion Brick Race in development limbo.

It was when promoting Hotel Artemis that Pearce discussed the state of the film he pitched to Warner Bros with Yahoo! Movies. “I was going to direct it as well but Hotel Artemis happened so I stepped off. Hopefully, they’re still planning to make it,” he told the website.
He even gave a rare glimpse into what the film’s story is intended to be:

“Basically the biggest race of all time but with LEGO. It’s inspired by every race movie ever with a cast, in the same way, that Cannonball Run mixed people from different genres and preexisting ideas. The Billion Brick Race is a movie designed to be able to throw in every single racing idea in history and do it with LEGO, so I hope it gets made.”

With no word coming out of Warner Bros. about films beyond next year’s sequel to The LEGO Movie, fans will have to patiently wait to see if The Billion Brick Race ever makes it to the finish line, or remains stalled at the strip.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part will be released in February 2019.


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