Are we getting the first flocked LEGO brick later this year?

Official images of the August 2022 LEGO Super Mario Wave may have revealed a new, flocked texture for the plastic bricks thanks to Cat Peach.

Included in the upcoming range of LEGO Super Mario sets, which will debut Princess Peach as the third controller figure, is 71407 Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower.

While only one image of that model has been made available on the official online store, a press release for the wave features another picture that reveals a strangely rough surface on Cat Peach’s gloves.

LEGO Super Mario Princess Peach cat suit paw

This bumpy texture may be a sign that the first flocked LEGO brick is on the way. For those who are unfamiliar, flocking is a process by which a material gains a fluffy material by applying adhesive and a layer of fibres. It has been commonly used in limited-edition figures from other brands and allows the product to feel furry.

In concept, this idea lends itself well to Cat Peach, especially with how often the figure will be handled by players of LEGO Super Mario. The lifestyle image showcased above details how the texture on the glove differs from the rest of the outfit and is only present on the paws.

Notably, the digital render of these gloves features a reflective texture, suggesting that this could be a change made later in development, or that the texture cannot apply to the set-rendering software.

LEGO Super Mario 71407 Cat Peach Frozen Tower cat suit

The above information is only speculation based on officially-released material for the LEGO Super Mario August 2022 range. While it should be treated with caution, this might be the first sign of a LEGO brick with a notably-different texture to the normal plastic surface. However, it could also be that these gloves are just bumpier than usual to replicate flocked materials.

We’ll know for sure whether or not Cat Peach’s suit has the first flocked brick when 71407 Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower launches on August 1, 2022, alongside the rest of the LEGO Super Mario summer models.

The upcoming wave includes a full-sized recreation of Princess Peach’s Castle, featuring features from previous games that we hoped would make the cut.

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One thought on “Are we getting the first flocked LEGO brick later this year?

  • 11/03/2022 at 13:38

    For me it rather looks just like a prototype 3D printed piece. Models made with powder 3D printing have a surface like that and I remember Lego already did show 3D printed prototype pieces like that at early exhibits (I think it was Prince of Persia with ostriches, but that was many years ago).


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