The LEGO Batman Movie Premiere – Building the Bat-Signal

Following our The LEGO Batman Movie premiere build reveal, Brick Fanatics shares instructions for building a LEGO Bat-Signal.

For those who enjoyed us throwing a premiere for The LEGO Batman Movie, here are some instructions to build your own bat accessories. These little builds can work fine on their own or as part of something else, but if you wish to throw LEGO Batman a premiere then they work great for that.


This little bat build can be used in two ways – simply as a neat little bat, or it can be added to the floodlight build from 10232 Palace Cinema. The latter can be used as a Bat-Signal, or special Bat-Signal themed spotlights if you have been inspired by our film premiere build project.

Bat symbol

This brick built bat makes for a good bat logo, creating a shape that can be used for all sorts of Batman related items. It can be used to decorate Palace Cinema for your own The LEGO Batman Movie premiere.

The LEGO Batman Movie is in cinemas February 10. The LEGO Batman Movie range of LEGO sets are currently available to buy at

Check back regularly at Brick Fanatics for plenty more The LEGO Batman Movie content, including our The LEGO Batman Movie Premiere build features.



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