The LEGO Book New Edition review


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Book is updated to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the classic brick, with the New Edition offering the most comprehensive guide to the
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world yet

Author: Daniel Lipkowitz  Publisher: DK  RRP: £18.99  Available: Now

In this new officially licensed book, the entire LEGO story is covered – the history, the sets, the related projects. Almost 300 pages are packed with information all about the brick and everything that is now associated with it.

The LEGO Book New Edition comes with a very fancy 2×4 printed brick. It had printing on one side, with a diagram of a brick and two years either side – 1958 and 2018, the year the brick originated and the 60th anniversary, an appropriate year for this volume to be arriving.

For any LEGO fan, The LEGO Book is an essential volume to have on the bookshelf. It is not the most comprehensive book every released on the subject, but it provides an excellent overview of many aspects of the LEGO brand, bricks and company. It is perfect for dipping into to get a sense of some part of the LEGO world, that can then be used to pursue further reading if more depth is required.

Inside the covers, readers will find information about the LEGO Group’s history, the modern manufacturing process, LEGO play themes as well as the world of video games, theme parks and websites that has grown up around the core building system. It is quite impressive that almost every facet of the LEGO hobby is touched upon, although the focus is on the company and its products – fan builders get just a few pages.

The LEGO Idea Book New Edition 1

The book is easy to find information in, although some of the layouts are rather simplistic and use well worn official product photography. There is nothing too wrong with it, it is just that some of these images are very, very familiar by now.

Daniel Lipkowitz has an engaging writing style that manages to get a decent amount of information across in an efficient manner, and does an impressive job of pulling out interesting facts about specific sets. The opening section on the company itself is the best, but he even manages to summarise LEGO Education in an interesting way.

If there is only one book you own with the word ‘LEGO’ emblazoned on it, make it this one. The LEGO


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Book New Edition is the best overall summary of more than 60 years of creativity.

This book was provided for review by DK Books.

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