The LEGO Group is hiring over 1,700 people for its new factory

The LEGO Group will soon start looking for people to fill job vacancies at its new Virginia premises, with a dedicated web page launched for this purpose.

As the LEGO Group continues to grow in popularity, it is expanding its manufacturing capabilities to several other countries. Our previous report on the subject revealed the LEGO Group is building or expanding new facilities in a variety of countries, including Vietnam and China. The Virginia factory is under construction, and due to open in 2025. 

However, it seems the company is already keen to scout for talent. A careers website is now available for Virginia residents to peruse, and sign up for notifications of job availability.

Given how many job vacancies there are, it’s unsurprising there’s a diverse selection of positions to fill. Jobs listed include Quality Inspector, Mold Cleaner, and Automation Technician. There are also openings in more commonplace departments like Procurement, Accounting and Human Resources. 

Other listed benefits of the job include health benefits, community engagement activities and a “playful and innovative culture”. If this kind of thing sounds appealing to you, you can visit the page and learn more about what’s available. However, no timeframe is given for when your work will actually begin.

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