The LEGO Group teaches you all about MINDSTORMS sensors

Learn how to put sensors to good use in your LEGO MINDSTORMS builds.

 LEGO Group Designers Lee and Morten are back to teach you more about LEGO MINDSTORMS, specifically how to program distance, motion, and colour sensors. They walk you through the whole process in a video on the LEGO Group YouTube channel.

You will learn how to use the Sensor Code Blocks to program the robots you build. Sensors are helpful for guiding your creations around obstacles, allowing them to react to different objects, and more.

The duo demonstrates what’s possible with sensors with the help of their robot friend, Tricky. To recreate what they do, you will need 51515 Robot Inventor, as well as the companion app to get started. Just recently, Lee and Morten also taught would-be coders how to incorporate animations into their builds too.

LEGO MINDSTORMS is designed to teach builders of all ages how to code and operates in two languages: Scratch and Python. Scratch is the easier one, designed for beginners, and Python is slightly harder, designed for people who know more about coding.

51515 Robot Inventor comes in five different forms, with the building instructions directly in the app. Once set up, you can also use the app to control and move your robot around using Bluetooth.

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