The LEGO Ideas website has been given a minor makeover

Whilst the LEGO Ideas platform undergoes a quieter period without as many contests as users might be used to, the website has received a minor makeover.

There may not be quite as much to do on the LEGO Ideas platform for the time being, with the most recent event being the opening of a contest’s fan vote as the only live competition. However, that hasn’t stopped the team from making a few changes behind the brick-built curtain, including a new feature on the front page of the website.

The announcement of this fresh function came from the LEGO Ideas Twitter account, where it was revealed that anyone visiting the platform can now see the most recent staff picks in a gallery.

These projects have been chosen by members of the team as their preferred selection of submissions, but that has no effect on their eligibility for a future model – that part is up to users getting them to 10K supporters. This is just the latest move in showcasing staff-chosen projects for visitors to LEGO Ideas, with the Twitter account regularly showcasing individual builds too.

Despite the quiet period on the platform, many new projects are still making their way into the next LEGO Ideas review round, including a model dedicated to Jaws. Otherwise, the aforementioned fan vote is now open with a total of 40 designs to choose from with four winners potentially becoming a future LEGO puzzle.

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