WATCH: Every LEGO Star Wars set retiring in 2022

Want to know which LEGO Star Wars sets to prioritise before they disappear for good? Our latest YouTube video rattles through the latest list of models retiring in 2022.

Unless you have the kind of deep pockets that can stretch to every single LEGO Star Wars set, regardless of cost, you’re going to have to get choosy over what to add to your collection. Keeping up with everything is a nigh-on impossible feat, and not only because it’s all so expensive, but also because it takes up so. Much. Room.

So when you’re down in the trenches (read: LEGO Store aisles) deciding what to buy next, it’s worth knowing which sets are strictly time-limited, and which you can afford to save for another day. In comes our list of LEGO Star Wars sets retiring in 2022, several of which have already sold out at in the UK and US. Hit play on the video below to see all 23.

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With enormous Ultimate Collector Series sets like 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer and longstanding products such as 75255 Yoda all on the way out, there may be some difficult choices in the weeks to come. Fingers crossed this video has made things just a little easier for you, though.

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Chris Wharfe

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