WATCH: The reason behind LEGO DC’s presence in 2022

The reason behind LEGO DC’s arguably diminished presence in 2022 has been explained, now in video form, by designer Mark Stafford.

It’s fair to say that LEGO DC has had a quieter year in 2022 than other themes and itself in previous years. Thankfully, exactly why this is the case has been explained by designer Mark Stafford in an interview with Brickset. We’ve summarised the explanation in our latest YouTube and TikTok video in case you need the answer in under a minute.

In short, the lack of live-action DC movies in 2022 is partially to blame. Unfortunately, a lack of child-friendly content has made it harder for the LEGO Group to pick out potential inspiration for LEGO DC sets. Though with James Gunn and Peter Safran now co-leading DC Studios, that could change in the years ahead.

However, 2022 is also the 10th anniversary of LEGO Marvel and DC Super Heroes the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that it caused aren’t exactly innocent either. To stay safe, LEGO designers were designing sets online and collaborating using technology rather than meeting face-to-face for an extended period of time, which Stafford explains caused the anniversary to sneak up on them, with nothing prepared.


Why there aren’t more DC LEGO sets in 2022

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Stafford also comments in the interview that since Spider-Man was featured in Studios and LEGO Batman debuted as a theme in 2006, 2022 isn’t the anniversary of LEGO DC and Marvel anyway.

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