Where could LEGO’s NINJAGO vlog technology appear next?

With the LEGO Group’s NINJAGO vlog series over, at least for now, we can’t help but wonder where this innovative new technology could appear next, and which minifigures might come to life.

The ninja vlogs have come to a close for now, with Jay and Nya continuing their adventures on the mysterious island undocumented. This series marked the debut of a new technology that matched actor’s movements to some animated minifigures, which could then be combined with CGI sets and models.

The state of the art equipment seems unlikely to go unused from this point onwards, with the initial episodes possibly being a test phase for a larger experiment. We’ve got some ideas on what we’d like to see from this technology next, but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

A Star Wars lightsaber battle

LEGO Star Wars is inarguably the most obvious choice for the next evolution of the ninja vlogs, with actors reimagining iconic lightsaber battles from the trilogy and beyond with some slapstick LEGO comedy, or maybe just faithful LEGO recreations of them.


From Luke Skywalker’s duel with Darth Vader to the Naboo showdown with Darth Maul, there’s plenty of fights to choose from and it might help to pass the time until the next Star Wars movie.

Avengers vlogs

For something a little more relaxed, what about a similar vlog series set in the Avengers tower of New York City and starring some of our favourite superheroes?

The formula of the ninja vlogs has earned the videos an average of 70,000 views each (at least for their teasers on YouTube with the full episodes only uploaded to the official LEGO website. For that reason, matching that same style with more recognisable characters could appeal to a mainstream audience with guest appearances from various villains and heroes.

Classic theme adventures

Another idea for the new technology is a short-form comedy series revisiting classic LEGO themes, especially with the LEGO Group’s 90th anniversary approaching.

Imagine the likes of Classic Space acting out their daily activities, with hijinks and tomfoolery bound to interfere as the audience watches via a series of hidden cameras. This same idea could then be applied to Castle, Pirates, Adventurers and more.


Although the technology has only been used with LEGO minifigures so far, the motion capture equipment could seemingly easily be applied to the skeletal figures of BIONICLE as the basis of a new series.

The adventures of the Toa could be revisited in an anthology series of videos retelling the story to catch fans up who may not have quite as much nostalgia for the theme. This idea might work especially well if BIONICLE is chosen for the upcoming 90th anniversary LEGO Ideas set.

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