Why there may be another LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship in 2022

Past model releases and rumours might suggest that another LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship set is coming in a summer 2022 wave.

MandRproductions has uploaded a new video with theories for the summer wave of LEGO Star Wars after a rumoured list of sets surfaced. They believe that Geonosis could be a future topic in the evergreen theme with another Republic Gunship.

While we recently received the UCS 75309 Republic Gunship, that model was not minifigure-scale and focused mostly on filling the fan-picked build with detail. The YouTuber theorises that a new build for the ship is coming soon after seeing that one of the reported LEGO Star Wars sets was 75336 [AT-TE].

In the LEGO Group’s history, AT-TE models have been released multiple times alongside a Republic Gunship. The three instances of this are in 2002 and 2003 with 7163 Republic Gunship and 4482 AT-TE, then again in 2006 with 7675 AT-TE Walker and 7676 Republic Attack Gunship and most recently in 2013 with 75019 AT-TE and 75021 Republic Gunship.


That evidence might suggest that the rumoured AT-TE model could be accompanied by a Republic Gunship set. However, there may be further proof that Geonosis is in the near future of LEGO Star Wars.

The recently released 40558 Clone Trooper Command Station includes a depiction of the battle of Geonosis on the box art, where both vehicles were used. The YouTuber also notes that a similar battle pack was released in 2013 for that year’s Geonosis wave of sets. This might suggest that a similar tactic is being employed by the LEGO Group for 2022.

Please remember that this is only speculation and these rumours have not been officially confirmed.

We’ve got an updated list of every LEGO rumour for 2022 that you can use to catch up with the latest potential sets that you can find by clicking here and we’ve also got some predictions for the summer of LEGO Star Wars. At the time of writing, the next wave of the theme includes three new additions to the Helmet Collection.

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