You can help build a huge DOTS mural at the LEGO House from home

The LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Group has started a new DOTS

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building challenge to have your model displayed in the home of the brick, immortalised in a digital plaque.

LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at CON has begun and already the event is bringing builders around the world a global building experience that will result in your creations being displayed on the walls of the LEGO House.

Using a digital tool on the LEGO House website, anyone can participate in the challenge, no matter whether you’re visiting Billund or not. Designs must be built on a six by six baseplate and currently, can only use white, red and blue pieces.

The limit on colours aligns with the intention to build a gradient mural stretching from the red zone of the LEGO House to the yellow zone, with the appropriate colours across each area of the build.

Amy Corbett was on hand during LEGO CON to explain more about the event and hand out some design tips and inspiration. Even the hosts of the event, Melvin Odoom and Michelle Khare have added their designs to the walls, which will eventually feature 41,448 elements, made up of 37 bricks each. That’s a total of 1,533,576 pieces.

The challenge will last until August 15 and you can get involved via the LEGO House website. We’ll keep you updated when we know more but the installation will be fully revealed and completed on September 3.

Stay tuned on the latest at LEGO CON with our liveblog.

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