40409 Hot Rod – small, quirky, rewarding

Available as a gift with purchases of £85 / $85 / €85 at LEGO.com and LEGO stores, 40409 ‘Blue Fury’ Hot Rod is a detailed update on an old classic.

Price: Free with purchases of £85 / $85 / €85 Pieces: 142 Available: June 1-21

The latest gift with purchase promotion has begun at LEGO.com and in LEGO stores that are open, offering up the small set 40409 Hot Rod with qualifying purchases of £85 / $85 / €85 until June 21 or whilst stocks last.

Although small, 40409 packs in a decent piece count to offer up a detailed and fun final model, designed in tribute to the much larger 1995 Model Team set 5541 Blue Fury.

LEGO 40409 Hot Rod review 1

At the smaller size, the finished vehicle in 40409 is at CITY scale and fits right in with the car line-up in recently released 60258 Tuning Workshop. If play isn’t your thing, nor references to a 25-year-old set few of us will own, though, 40409 Hot Rod is still a quirky enough car packing character and colour to make for a neat little display model.

There’s plenty to reward the more curious builder, from how the front and back lights are assembled, or how the engine and exhausts are built up, to how the folded leather roof is created. What could have been a simpler build is instead filled with interesting features.

With the set also packing two minifigures, there’s little to fault what is one of the LEGO Group’s better value gifts with purchase so far this year.

If it revs your engine, be sure to secure a copy through qualifying purchases of £85 / $85 / €85 at LEGO.com and LEGO stores up until June 21, or whilst stocks last.

This set was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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