A Marvel Wonder Man show is coming to Disney+

A new Marvel TV show inspired by the superhero Wonder Man is in development, although whether this will result in a

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set is far from certain.

As announced by The Hollywood Reporter, the series is being created by Destin Daniel Cotton and Andrew Guest. The former was the director of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, while the latter has worked on shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Community. 

Wonder Man himself dates back to 1964, where he was originally conceived as a villain. The late 1970s saw him reimagined as a hero, and he eventually became a founding member of a superhero team called the West Coast Avengers. He is connected to characters like Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch and Baron Zemo (all of which have appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe), which may explain his eventual appearance on the small screen. 

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Since the show is some way off being released, it’s hard to envision what a Wonder Man

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set could look like. However, despite a strong initial showing from the line, many Disney+ shows currently lack any kind of LEGO representation. Recently-introduced characters such as Kate Bishop, Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel have yet to received that draw inspiration from their Disney+ incarnations.

It’s possible this could change going forward (especially as the LEGO Marvel line is dipping into older Marvel movies lately). But for now, there are no guarantees your Marvel favourites will get any LEGO representation – and Wonder Man could shape up to be another no-show.

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