Behold, this (almost) complete collection of LEGO shields

What does an almost complete collection of LEGO shields look like? This. It looks like this.

By our reckoning, redditor Tusserte has assembled a massive 226 shields in total. That marks one copy of almost every LEGO shield to date. We say “almost” because, as another user pointed out, it’s missing at least one official LEGO shield.

The offending accessory came bundled with a Captain America minifigure that was exclusive to New York Toy Fair in 2012. The LEGO Group only produced 125 copies of the character, meaning its accompanying shield is incredibly rare. So rare, in fact, that it doesn’t even have its own listing on BrickLink.

Instead, if you want the shield, you’ll have to buy the entire minifigure. There are only two for sale on BrickLink right now. And the cheapest of the two, from a seller in Poland, will set you back an eye-watering £1,360.67.

LEGO shield collection

Unfortunately, Tusserte says that puts it slightly beyond their reach, so their shield collection will forever remain incomplete. We’re sure they’re grateful to their fellow redditor for shattering their achievement like that. Regardless, though, they can take solace in the fact that this is still an incredibly impressive collection.

As well as all the classic Castle emblems, eagle-eyed LEGO fans will spot shields from Marvel, DC, LEGO Dimensions, and even a stop sign from The LEGO Movie 2 that’s technically printed on a shield element. What’s more, they’ve apparently also managed to collect an admirable assortment of misprints, prototypes and unprinted shields.

In our books, this collection is even more obscure than the insane BIONICLE collection we highlighted earlier this month. But there’s room in our LEGO lives for all kinds of brilliantly weird collections, so if you have one, let us know!

In the meantime, you can support Brick Fanatics by building your own LEGO collection at and Amazon using our affiliate links.

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