The LEGO BrickLink Designer Program round one is almost over

The lengthy period for round one of the LEGO BrickLink Designer Program is almost over as time is running short for the remaining Ideas projects.

The first phase of the BrickLink Designer Program is almost up as shoppers hoping to score one of the five funded rejected LEGO Ideas projects are running out of time. With the initial round due to end on August 31, anyone who has yet to fund any of the three remaining builds have just over one week left to do so.

Both 910001 The Castle in the Forest and 910010 The Great Fishing Boat have been fully funded for their maximum of 10,000 orders, and are still the only ones in the range to come close to doing so.

The trio of 910016 Sheriff’s Safe, 910017 Kakapo and 910028 Pursuit of Flight are still accepting orders as they have been fully funded, but have not yet reached their maximum amount of pre-orders. The former is the closest to doing so, with the tracking bar slowly ticking over to the red section.

Those who believe that every build in the first round sold out would be mistaken as that was only due to an error in the stock system, which has now been amended.

We’ll have to see if at least one of these remaining three BrickLink Designer Program sets will remain in stock until the very last second or if funding will see a rush of orders in the final moments of round one. We’ll know for sure either way on August 31, where the first phase ends and the wait then begins for the reveal of the next crowdfunding phase and its selection of fan-designed models.

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