Collectible Minifigures Series 17’s mystery minifigure revealed

The identity of the final minifigure in the Collectible Minifigure Series 17 line-up has been revealed ahead of general release, and it may hint at something more…

The latest series of minifigures had been perhaps most notable for the fact that one of the 16-strong non-licensed line-up had been kept under wraps, appearing in official imagery and the box art only as a black silhouette.

Although due for release on May 1, the series is starting to appear in the wild and, for once fittingly, the first location it has cropped up in is LEGOLAND Billund.

There, lego_collector_dad had the pleasure of discovering the identity of the 16th minifigure as the Highwayman.


Notable to the design is the single piece cape with a longer front portion*, and two dark pearl grey pirate flintlock pistols, only otherwise available in the just released 71042 Silent Mary.

But, as Allen on and a few comments on the Instagram post from lego_collector_dad point out, why the secrecy? Series 17 isn’t a notable juncture to mark with a special edition, whilst he’s no Mr Gold, who by the way did appear on box art when ‘available’ in Series 10.

Will the Highwayman prove as rare as the minifigure you and I don’t have from back then? Is his hidden identity a marketing tool for the wider LEGO-buying population to be drawn towards the pocket-money purchase? If you were held up whilst travelling at night by horse and carriage, would you give up your money or your LEGO first?




*I delayed revealing who the 16th minifigure was until later in the post, in case you also want the pleasure of finding out its identity as the LEGO Group intended. But, there is even greater spoiler territory to consider, in the spirit of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando later this week expected to debut a trailer for The Last Jedi.

There are rumours that Kylo Ren will have a new cape in the film, one that is longer and resembles that of Darth Vader – could this Highwayman cape be the first indirect hint at what Kylo’s minifigure for The Last Jedi range of sets may resemble then?

Don’t share discussion of this on social media – turn to the comments please, as this could be considered spoiler material to some, who we don’t want to ruin things for.

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