LEGO Jurassic Park


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It took 25 years for the classic Jurassic Park film to get a LEGO set, but the first sets based on the franchise arrived in 2001. The LEGO Studios theme encouraged builders to construct bits of set and then make stop motion films with them. With Steven Spielberg endorsing the theme, a little minifigure filmmaker was included in the sets.   Both 1370 Raptor Rumble and 1371 Spinosaurus Attack are based on Jurassic Park III, although only loosely. Rather than including specific minifigures based on characters from the film, Johnny Thunder and friends were in the boxes alongside buildable dinosaurs and scenarios from the threequel.    When the Jurassic franchise triumphantly returned to the big screen with Jurassic World in 2015, the franchise got a full-blown LEGO theme. Each set included a moulded dinosaur and a buildable vehicle or location, focusing on the Jurassic World employees and outside contractors attempting to recapture the escaped beasts.   Three years later, when Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom continued the story in cinemas, it was time for more Jurassic action. The sets continued the style from 2015, included the dark blue military looking vehicles and minifigures to capture dinosaurs.   Sneaking into the wave of sets was 75932 Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase, a set based on the original Jurassic Park film. As well as a Raptor from the film, Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Lex and Tim are all included along with the computer room, kitchen and embryo storage area.   Much like the Jurassic World technology, the theme evolved further in 2019, with the sets focused on an animated LEGO series that serves as a prequel to the 2015 movie. Legend of Isla Nublar focuses on the park when it was up and running, allowing for fun sets such as 75937 Triceratops Rampage and even wackier sets such as 75938 T. rex vs Dino-Mech Battle.   The most significant release so far though is 75936 Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage, which builds a detailed Tyrannosaurus Rex at a large scale along with the iconic Jurassic Park gates. Hidden behind the gates tiny vignettes for the included minifigures – Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Dennis Nedry and Ray Arnold.