Adult LEGO fans clipped millions of LEGO tiles to complete the HOUSE OF DOTS ready for the big product launch.

Yesterday, London’s Coal Yard Drops hosted the launch of LEGO DOTS at the HOUSE OF DOTS. The unique art installation is a collaboration between artist Camille Walala and the LEGO Group, designed to encapsulate everything about the new product line.

To properly showcase LEGO DOTS, the venue features thousands of the tiny 1×1 tiles decorating the walls, floor and furniture in many areas. But how could the LEGO Group get so many bricks clicked into place in time? Hire a few AFOLS (Adult Fans of LEGO), of course.

Two of the participating LEGO fans have shared part of the behind-the-scenes process on YouTube, revealing that over 2 million 1×1 tiles were used and that a few baseplates were cut in the making of the HOUSE OF DOTS.

Here is Caz Mockett’s peek behind the scenes….

…and here is Matt Elder’s.

As the videos explain, the building was mainly done according to a predetermined design, but there were a few opportunities for the fans to utilise their creativity.

Other LEGO products that were announced yesterday include DOTS, Technic Fast & Furious, Technic Lamborghini, Friends summer releases, Creator summer releases and City summer releases.

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