February 2022 LEGO double VIP points event might be different in the US

The upcoming double VIP points event on the official online LEGO store may differ regionally as a second date has reportedly been announced.

Reddit user 2taba on the LEGO subreddit reports having received a newsletter email from the LEGO Group concerning the recently confirmed double VIP points event that is taking place soon. However, their received dates differ from a similar email sent to those in the UK.

The UK version of the newsletter stated that a double VIP points event would begin on February 24 until February 28, seemingly disproving a rumour that mentioned that the offer period had been changed to March.

LEGO VIP Feb 2022 email US
Image: 2taba

This newly reported information from the user, who mentions that they are in the US in a comment, might suggest that the rumour is not incorrect or misinformed, but that plans for a February event have changed in favour of moving it to March 12 to 14.

We’ll know for sure whether the next event differs between the US and UK and what other regions may be affected later this week, February 24, when double VIP points begin in the UK.

According to rumours, those in the US can also look forward to pairing the event with a new GWP based on Jane Goodall available from March 3 to 15 with orders above $120. Provided the information is accurate, anyone in a region with the unchanged event won’t be able to get double points and the potential gift. This has not been confirmed by the LEGO Group.

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  • 22/02/2022 at 21:33

    I can confirm this. I received the same email with the same dates.

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