Four things we found in the LEGO Super Mario 2022 sets

The LEGO Super Mario design team is continuing to show their knowledge of the franchise in the upcoming wave, as we’ve found four references.

Seven new LEGO Super Mario sets are launching later this year, bringing the second Princess Peach figure (and the first playable one) as well as models to expand your courses. These expansions pay homage to the franchise and appear to be introducing new features into LEGO Super Mario.

Here are four things we found in the August 2022 wave of LEGO Super Mario sets, including references to the games and more:

1 – Yoshi’s house

First appearing in Super Mario World, Yoshi’s house might seem bare at first but it’s perfectly suited to the fruit-loving friend of Mario, featuring a fireplace, postbox a message block and lots of fruit all contained under four trees.

Almost all of these are visible in the upcoming 71406 Yoshi’s Gift House, referencing the original game with a build that harkens back to 71367 Mario’s House & Yoshi Expansion Set from the first wave of the theme.

2 – Cat-based creations

71407 Prod

In Super Mario 3D world, the developers evidently became obsessed with all things cats, with many features in the game dedicated to the four-legged companions.

We’ve seen the cat Power-Up suit in LEGO Super Mario before thanks to 71372 Cat Mario Power-Up Pack. However, other characters can make use of the Super Bells too, including Princess Peach and enemies as recognised by 71407 Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower. Even the tree in the background is shaped like a Super Bell, just like in the game.

3 – A new multiplayer feature

Present in both 71403 Adventures with Peach and 71406 Yoshi’s Gift House are, you guessed it, presents. At first glance, these new scannable bricks might be expected to only reward you with additional coins.

However, the descriptions on note that these can be used to store the fruit items, which can then be gifted to another interactive figure. This should add another level of playability to the LEGO Super Mario multiplayer that was introduced last year.

4 – A sweet ambush

71408 Prod edited

Aside from ruling the Mushroom Kingdom and helping out Mario, Princess Peach has a talent for baking across the franchise. Though she’s not the only character that likes the sweet treats.

In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings hide in a cake at the start of the game, only to spring out and take Princess Peach. One such Koopaling and a Goomba-filled cake appear in 71408 Peach’s Castle, likely referencing the Wii title.71408 Peach's Castle

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