Get a closer look at the full range of LEGO helmets

Check out a complete review and comparison of all the LEGO helmets that you can take home right now.

With four recent additions to LEGO’s range of brick-built helmets, the full collection of nine sets now spans three franchises: Star Wars, Marvel, and DC. The newcomers, 75304 Darth Vader Helmet, 75305 Scout Trooper Helmet, 76187 Venom, and 76182 Batman Cowl, join 76199 Carnage, 76165 Iron Man Helmet, 75277 Boba Fett Helmet, and 75276 Stormtrooper Helmet.

LEGO YouTuber Bricksie has compared all nine builds in his video, from the largest one, Darth Vader at 834 pieces, to the smallest, Batman with 410 bricks.

“These are absolutely incredible,” says the YouTuber. “Really, what they can do with this range is truly endless. I’m really excited for these and I hope the LEGO Group does more of them.”

Bricksie points out that the LEGO Group doesn’t need to be limited to characters’ helmets moving forward. Sticking with the superhero theme, he suggests that Captain America’s shield could be a great display build, or designers could even try and tackle human faces. With Marvel, DC, and Star Wars all rapidly expanding their franchises with movies and TV shows, there are so many potential characters, faces, and objects that would suit this style.

We will of course keep you updated if any new helmets are rumoured. In the meantime, if you’ve got your eye on any of these sets, two of the LEGO Star Wars helmets, 75274 TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet and 75276 Stormtrooper Helmet, are retiring this year, so it’s probably best to make those a priority over some of the newer sets that are likely to be around for longer.

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