Think you’ve got what it takes to be a LEGO designer?

Do you want to live the dream, move to Billund and get paid to design LEGO sets? Now’s your chance, as the LEGO Group is hiring.

We’re going to speculate that some of the the most frequently-asked LEGO-related questions are: 1. Why didn’t I buy that set when I had the chance? 2. Why is there no spare room in my house any more? 3. Why won’t the LEGO Group revive Exo-Force? (Okay, maybe not that one.) And 4. How do I become a LEGO designer?

We can’t help with the first three, but if you do harbour a desire to work on LEGO sets and see your creations on store shelves, then maybe now’s your chance. Ads have gone up for both Product Designers and Senior Designers, outlining the kind of skills that the company is looking for. An ability to build with LEGO bricks is a given, but just being an enthusiastic builder is probably not going to get you an interview.

According to the ad, successful candidates will hold a bachelor’s degree in a design-related background, or have proven experience in design areas across creative fields including toys, fashion, games, film and architecture. The LEGO Group is also looking for people with 3D software skills, interest in global trends and ‘prior experience with the LEGO building system’. We think that one’s probably quite important.

The ad goes on to talk about the sort of responsibilities that also come with, shall we say, more mundane jobs: self-motivation, time-management skills, flexibility and an open-minded approach to projects.

Chances are that most of the people working in LEGO design didn’t realise that they could make a career out of their passion in the early days. Maybe you’ve got what it takes to be the next Astrid Graabæk or Jamie Berard. If so, why not brush up your CV and put that application in – you never know where it could lead.

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