Hot Wheels toy tells us what to expect from the next LEGO Batmobile

A Hot Wheels toy of the new Batmobile may show us what to expect from a possible future LEGO version of Battinson’s ride.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman has been pushed back from its original June 2021 release to March 4, 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic – but as we’ve seen with The Eternals, there’s a good chance that if the LEGO Group is planning to release any tie-in sets for the new movie, they’re already in production.

And if we are going to see official The Batman LEGO products, you can bet your house on one of them being the new Batmobile. The film’s first trailer gave us a glimpse at the vehicle Robert Pattinson will be driving around Gotham, but we’ve now got a much better look at the car thanks to an upcoming Hot Wheels toy.

As you can see in the images above, it’s a far more standard take on the Batmobile than pretty much any other on-screen versions, from Julian Caldow’s iconic 1989 car to Chris Nolan’s Tumbler. There are no jet turbines, no tank-like housing, no huge rockets: in fact, it pretty much just resembles a classic American muscle car, with just a hint of Batman’s usual style in the curved black shell.

The red lighting glimpsed in the trailer (an obvious throwback to the 1960s Batmobile) should at least provide a few points of interest in any future LEGO rendition of the machine, but we could be looking at the most back-to-basics Batmobile we’ve seen in bricks to date.

That’s if the LEGO Group chooses to produce any sets for The Batman, of course – but given it hasn’t shied away from previous silver screen incarnations of the Caped Crusader (whether in The Dark Knight Rises or Batman v. Superman), we really can’t imagine the design team passing it up.

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