How to get the parts list for Brick Fanatics’ custom LEGO Star Wars AT-RT

We’re about to send out the parts list for our custom LEGO Star Wars AT-RT, so make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter if you want to get your hands on it.

Our parts lists are all distributed in .xml format exclusively through our newsletter, which you can sign up to on the right hand side of this page on desktop, or at the very bottom of the page on mobile. The files can be uploaded directly to BrickLink, where you’ll be able to order the specific pieces required to assemble your own copy of our 501st Clone Troopers AT-RT.

The list will also allow you to play around with part colours and quantities, should you wish to build an army of rainbow AT-RTs, or simply bolster your Clone Army for a different legion (and if you do, please send us a pic!). We’ll be emailing it out at 4pm UK time today, April 28, so keep an eye out for it later this afternoon.

Once you’ve got the parts in hand – either ordered from BrickLink or plucked from your own collection – hit play on the video above to see how our AT-RT comes together. You’ll likely also want a copy of 75280 501st Legion Clone Troopers for the minifigures to ride your brand new build. (Our video uses a custom ARF Trooper helmet created by Clone Army Customs, and purchased via Firestar Toys.)

If you’re spotting this story long after the initial parts list newsletter went out, never fear: we include a link to all our parts lists – including those for our custom Mandalorian speeder bike and Droideka – at the end of every single newsletter we send out, so make sure you’re signed up in time for the next one.

Keep track of all the May the Fourth offers with our dedicated page, and support the work that Brick Fanatics does by purchasing your LEGO Star Wars sets through one of our affiliate links.

Chris Wharfe

I like to think of myself as a journalist first, LEGO fan second, but we all know that’s not really the case. Journalism does run through my veins, though, like some kind of weird literary blood – the sort that will no doubt one day lead to a stress-induced heart malfunction. It’s like smoking, only worse. Thankfully, I get to write about LEGO until then. You can follow me on Twitter at @brfa_chris.

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