iDisplayit display case review and exclusive discount

iDisplayit has teamed up with Brick Fanatics Magazine for an exclusive offer – but what do you get for your money?

iDisplayit offers high quality, pre-set size display solutions for LEGO sets of all shapes and sizes, as well as display stands to pose sets at more dynamic angles. The UK-based company has partnered with Brick Fanatics Magazine and, through a discount code advertised in Issue 9, is currently offering a massive 15% off all purchases at This is a specially-arranged discount exclusively for Brick Fanatics Magazine readers that will expire at the end of September – subscribers and those who purchase Issue 9 of the magazine can find the discount code advertised.

To appreciate the value of this discount and to better understand the product and service that they offer, iDisplayit has kindly provided a review copy of one of their more recent releases – a display case for LEGO Ideas set 21318 Treehouse.

As a LEGO collection grows, one consideration to be made when choosing which sets are to be kept out on display and which are to go into storage is dust. It can ruin the appearance of what’s on display and, if left uncleaned, can ruin the quality of the LEGO itself. Anyone who has had to clean off five years’ worth of dust from an eBay purchase can attest to this.

ABS plastic is a dust magnet and certain sets stand little to no chance of enjoying good time out on display. Black LEGO most quickly highlights how little a LEGO fan chooses to dust, so no time for LEGO Batman, whilst anything intricately built is very difficult to clean without various pieces pinging off into the underworld of the carpet, never to be seen again.

21318 Treehouse certainly falls into the latter category, with its gorgeously designed branches and leaves offering at once a fantastic display opportunity and a staggeringly impossible task for anyone hoping to keep it 100% dust proof. No better candidate for a display case, then.

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iDisplayit distribute cases in flat pack form, ready for home assembly. It means that when the case for 21318 Treehouse arrives, it does so in a short, large square box. Inside, the contents have been carefully and tightly wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap. Unwinding that leaves you with a single page of assembly instructions, three bags of screws and plastic fittings with Allen key, and the six panels of 3mm thick acrylic plastic – five panels being clear and the sixth in gloss black, for the base. Each panel has a protective film attached to both sides – every consideration to protect the display case in transit has been made, and in this case, there are no scratches to the acrylic whatsoever.

There’s only the one page of instructions for assembly as putting together the case is fairly straightforward and, Allen key in hand, highly reminiscent of putting together IKEA furniture.

Once the protective film is removed from each panel of plastic, plastic fittings are inserted sideways into the particular panels designed to hold them (two side panels and the top panel), before they are secured with a 90-degree turn. Then, two adjacent panels are lined up inside the base and connected together with the screws provided – these screw into the plastic fittings. The process is repeated for the other two panels and again for the top of the case and, after about 15 minutes in total, we went from unboxing to complete display case.

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With assembly complete, the five clear panels are connected as one unit and can be lifted on and off the base, meaning that you can easily access and adjust the LEGO set on display inside, sat on the base of the case, as well as move case and set apart, avoiding the peril of the latter rolling around in the former. The case is firmly constructed, with the screw and fitting connections giving a rigid, tight connection along every side. Most importantly, the connection to the base is just as tight, in spite of no screws, and upon close inspection the case looks like it can withhold almost any cloud of dust.

Pleasingly and as you would hope, the panels are incredibly clear and transparent, allowing you to focus on and see every aspect to the LEGO set inside, whilst it is also worth noting that the plastic is not very reflective, meaning there’s little glare or disturbance from lighting. The Ideas Treehouse fits inside nicely, without being too tightly boxed in, with a half-inch of extra height between the top of the set and the underside of the top panel, and a good five inches from the set’s base to the edge of the case on all four sides.

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The product is sturdy and smart in design, with its simplicity its strength – everything here has been put together with consideration to protecting the LEGO inside and truly putting it on display. These cases demand space when built up, but, importantly also demand attention, for just how well they do their job. If you have the budget and want to protect your LEGO at the same time as truly enjoy it once built, iDisplayit is a great place to start.

The 21318 Treehouse display case retails at for £82.20, with UK shipping calculated at £9.60. Apply the exclusive Brick Fanatics Magazine discount of 15% off only found in Issue 9 to save money. Issue 9 of Brick Fanatics Magazine is available in UK stores now, and online at

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