LEGO artist unleashes his creativity with DOTS

Join LEGO artist Adam Ward as he tries his hand at building with DOTS in the latest video from the LEGO Group.

Los Angeles-based creative Adam Ward has worked on various projects using LEGO bricks, including huge sculptures, assisting on the LEGO Batman Movie, and various brick-focused art displays. Now, he’s seeing what is possible with DOTS in a ‘LEGO Masters Tips & Tricks’ video.

In it, Adam shows how to use DOTS to jazz up desk ornaments and stationery, putting his own personalised spin on the sets. He’s also sporting a colourful DOTS wristband throughout the video.

Adam offers tips to viewers looking to up their building skills, promoting function over aesthetics.

“When I was originally designing this pencil box, I wasn’t thinking about the colours or the design I put on it at all,” he says. “I was just thinking about function. I just wanted it to hold pencils and pens – and it did!”

Hear more of Adam’s expert advice when it comes to getting creative with LEGO pieces, by clicking on the video link above, or hear from professional LEGO designers in their own video. You can also get creative yourself by checking out the latest LEGO DOTS releases.

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