LEGO Harry Potter 2021 set rumours

New rumours suggest that next year’s LEGO Harry Potter sets will offer something new, with a new format for classroom builds.

LEGO Harry Potter will continue in January 2021, according to new rumours from PromoBricks. Four new sets in the theme will be presented as textbooks, which when opened will reveal playsets inside. The playsets will focus on House specific classrooms. The book covers will feature the relevant House logo and can be connected together.

It isn’t yet clear if these will be plastic cases like this year’s Disney sets or if the books are buildable. The sets will launch on January 19 and will retail for €29.99.

The following information is as provided by PromoBricks, translated via Google:

76382 Textbook with Transformation Classroom

Metamorphosis is known to be taught by Professor Minerva McGonagall. In addition to the Gryffindor Head of House with a black hat and green cape, the set also includes Ron and Hermione with short legs and grey sweaters. The book is brown-orange.

When opened, the book contains a school desk, a cupboard, a chest, a book, the teacher’s desk, a toad, a rat, a blackboard, and windows and paintings depicted with stickers.

76383 Textbook with Potions Classroom

The green book of the House of Slytherin contains Professor Severus Snape in a black robe with a purple shirt, Draco Malfoy and Seamus Finnigan, both with short legs.

The Potions classroom consists of a table with kettles, an armchair, a blackboard, several shelves, a textbook and stickers to represent vaults and walls.

76384 Textbook with Herbology Classroom

The Hufflepuff House is under Professor Pomona Sprout. In this yellow book, the Head of House with dual-moulded legs is included, as is Neville with short legs and one other student who could be Cedric Diggory. Both are equipped with earmuffs placed around their necks and appropriate work clothes.

The classroom is a mock greenhouse with eight windows and a glass door. It contains two beds, a tap, a table, a cupboard and a book. Masonry and plants are also represented here by stickers.

76385 Textbook with Magic Art Classroom

The blue Ravenclaw book contains the magic classroom. The matching Head of House Professor Filius Flitwick appears here for the first time with his appearance, as it was seen in the first two Harry Potter films. Instead of a brown mustache and brown hair, this figure has a white beard and a bald head. The two included students are Harry Potter and Cho Chang, each with short legs.

In addition to the teacher’s desk, the open classroom also contains two school desks with overlying springs, a chest, a display cabinet, a blackboard and shelves. Windows and wall panelling are shown here by stickers.

Rumours should be take with a pinch of salt until official announcements are made by the LEGO Group.

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