LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons contest finalists revealed

The fan vote for the LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons contest is now open, revealing the five finalists – one of which will become an official LEGO set.

The LEGO Ideas team has whittled down more than 620 submissions to finalise the five models involved in the fan vote. No matter which you cast your vote for, though, the Ideas review board will ultimately determine which of the five potential sets goes into production for Dungeons & Dragons’ 50th anniversary in 2024. (Lots of votes ‘certainly helps’, though.)

Among the finalists are five substantial models, each keying into a different aspect of the tabletop game. KolonelPureCake’s The Monster Manual, for instance, features a variety of different monsters bursting out of a brick-built book, while tcompton1234’s submission is a functional dice tower that you could genuinely use in your own D&D campaigns.

Check out all five finalists below. The fan vote is open through December 12, with the winner due to be announced on December 19. Click here to cast your vote.

The Monster Manual by KolonelPureCake

LEGO Ideas Dungeons Dragons The Monster Manual

Xanathar, The Beholder by Shaddowtoa

LEGO Ideas Dungeons Dragons Xanathar The Beholder

Transforming Mimic by farmfarm

LEGO Ideas Dungeons Dragons Transforming Mimic

Tiamat’s Dice Tower by tcompton1234

LEGO Ideas Dungeons Dragons Tiamats Dice Tower

Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End by BoltBuilds

LEGO Ideas Dungeons Dragons Dragons Keep Journeys End

The chosen finalists arguably represent the LEGO Group’s current 18+ direction, in the sense that they’re mostly large display models. That’s led to some dissatisfaction in the comments of the LEGO Ideas blog, with several users hoping for ‘a build that could be used when playing D&D’, and lamenting the absence of a ‘smaller scale set available to people with a smaller income’.

With one eye on the wording around this LEGO Ideas challenge, however, the door may well be open for subsequent LEGO Dungeons & Dragons sets, so all hope is not lost yet…

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