Every LEGO Marvel Eternals set you need ahead of their MCU return

One year after Marvel Studios’ Eternals and the team is confirmed to return to the MCU, so here’s every set you need to get minifigures ready. 

Note that this article will include spoilers for the ending of Eternals, which is streaming now on Disney+. 

It’s been nearly a full year after the release of Eternals and it has just been confirmed that the team is returning to the MCU in the future. While we don’t yet know where they will next appear, the ending of the movie was open-ended enough to allow for another adventure. 

However, not every Eternal survived the movie with Sersi, Phastos and Kingo taken by Arishem while Makkari, Druig and Thena went on a journey to warn other planets of their upcoming emergence events. Technically Sprite is alive too, but she’s a human child now so may only be useful as a source of knowledge rather than a super-powered hero. 

With four LEGO sets based on Eternals retiring at the end of 2022, this revelation might inspire you to pick up the remaining members, but you only need to buy half the wave to ensure that you’re ready for the return of the Eternals with their respective minifigures. 

2 – 76155 In Arishem’s Shadow  

LEGO Marvel 76155 In Arishems Shadow review 2

76155 In Arishem’s Shadow includes two exclusive characters that could appear in future MCU projects, but only one is a minifigure. Sersi is also included, but she appears in the other build on this list too so you may end up with duplicates of her, Ajak and Ikaris.

This is the only LEGO Marvel set to feature Kingo in his purple outfit, but it’s also the only brick-built appearance of Arishem, not including a small statue or the Celestial in 76156 Rise of the Domo. Both characters seem likely to be included in the future plans of the MCU given the ending of Eternals. 

1 – 76156 Rise of the Domo 

LEGO Marvel 76156 Rise of the Domo review 1

The largest of the Eternals sets is also the most efficient and in some cases only method of obtaining the other four surviving Eternals members as minifigures. 

Phastos, Makkari, Druig, Sersi and Thena are all either exclusive or featured in one other LEGO Marvel Eternals set, making 76156 Rise of the Domo the most cost-effective way to complete the team in its current state following the ending. Coincidentally, it also features the three members who took off into space aboard the Domo in the ending. 

Honourable mention – 76145 Eternals’ Aerial Assault 

LEGO Marvel 76145 Eternals Aerial Assault 3

It should be noted that Sprite survived the ending of Eternals too, though as a human child rather than a powerful being with the ability to create illusions. As such, her involvement in the future of the MCU may be more limited compared to the rest of the team. 

However, for those who would like a Sprite minifigure, there’s one inexpensive option. 76145 Eternals’ Aerial Assault includes the pair of Sprite and Ikaris, who would go on to betray the rest of the team by sticking to their original orders from Arishem. 

Surviving Eternals members in LEGO Marvel sets

Surviving Eternals member76145 Eternals’ Aerial Assault76154 Deviant Ambush!76155 In Arishem’s Shadow76156 Rise of the Domo
PhastosNoNo NoYes
MakkariNo YesNoYes
DruigNo NoNoYes
ThenaNo YesNoYes

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