LEGO NINJAGO 70680 Monastery Training review

NINJAGO Legacy returns to some of the LEGO theme’s classic sets and gives them an update – is 70680 Monastery Training a worthwhile upgrade?

Price: £8.99 / $9.99 / €9.99  Pieces: 114  Available: Now

Does anybody else miss the original NINJAGO LEGO sets? Well, the LEGO Group has released NINJAGO Legacy sets, which are essentially remakes of some of those original models fans love so much. I had the privilege of receiving Monastery Training, which is a happy coincidence since I was given 2516 Ninja Training Outpost when it first came out, and is what 70680 Monastery Training is based on.


The build for this set is very well done, I found myself enjoying how simplistic, but incredibly effective each part of the build is while putting it together. There isn’t a single piece wasted in this set – every piece adds something, or completes a nice detail or play feature.

I have to highlight the design of the angled wall structure. Do you want to have angled walls on one of your builds? Well, this set includes a design using basic parts to pull it off very effectively. An additional, pleasant surprise was to find that the 2×4 tile with the ornate decorations is actually printed, and not a sticker. It is always nice to get printed pieces over stickers.

The set designers also went to great lengths to incorporate as many play features as they could, given the low price point of this set. The ninja robot, while limited, is able to be posed in a few different positions as a little opponent for Kai and his sister. Nya has a small storage wrack for her samurai armour, which she can change into at any time. The set also includes the swinging punching bag (which does work, as seen in the image with Kai slicing it with his sword), and the second tan training device that spins when minifigures punch or kick it.

70680 Monastery Training includes that small handle piece that helps the user act out Spinjitzu with their favourite minifigure. Using a rubber tire on the bottom, and placing the ninja on top, moving the handle from side to side creates an excellent rotation to really give it that Spinjitzu look. While it’s not advertised, you can even place two minifigures on the handle for some great ninja teamwork. I think the only down side of this set is that you don’t get two handles, to create a little battle.

Both Kai and Nya are included in this training grounds set, each with amazing printing on their ninja robes. The colour combinations are also flawless, with Nya incorporating dark red and the light azure accent through her robes and on her mask. The printing, front and back, on these minifigures is a demonstrates just how far the LEGO Group’s capabilities have come in that area. There are mixed thoughts about these new NINJAGO minifigures featuring the facial features of those seen in the The LEGO NINJAGO Movie. I think these faces work wonderfully, but I would have been fine either way.

There is a great selection of new and interesting parts included with this set. There are five pairsof brand new weapon pieces included, all of which look amazing and I imagine will be used by many fans as accessories for different minifigures from all time periods. The small daggers and scythe pieces are particularly interesting. The ninja masks also represent an incredible advancement since the LEGO Group’s original ninja masks.

70680 Monastery Training is a great NINJAGO set to pick up. It has nice new pieces, great minifigures and makes a nice addition to any LEGO NINJAGO collection.

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