LEGO Star Wars 74-Z speeder bike build

From Return of the Jedi to Battlefront II, the 74-Z speeder bike is an iconic Star Wars vehicle, one that you can now build at a more accurate scale entirely from LEGO

The LEGO Group has already – and justifiably – visited by the 74-Z speeder bike a number of times in the almost 19-year history of LEGO Star Wars thus far. 7128 Speeder Bikes was part of the first wave of LEGO Star Wars sets released back in 1999, whilst just this year we welcomed 75532 Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike. It’s a vehicle that had a memorable first impression in Return of the Jedi, both for its speed and design. We can never have enough speeder bikes.

However, none of the System scale LEGO builds have managed to closely capture the scale of the bike, nor its sleekness, at least to my satisfaction. So, I’ve attempted to put together my own version, without any moulded parts, with a bonus seated scout trooper on top.


This is a three-part build which is simpler than it may look at first glance. As a very lazy builder, I really do just use the LEGO that is in front of me at my desk, which is a mixture of Mixels packs, those free builds with the Egmont Star Wars monthly magazine, and a couple of thousand spares from sets over recent years. It should mean that most of the pieces are easy to source.

That’s a dish and some clear 1×1 rounded plates keeping the bike upright. The build for the scout trooper’s legs is the same as for the AT-RT Walker I also recently put together. The trick to seating the minifigure comfortably is having them grab the handlebars first, then swinging them down and tucking the legs in. Don’t you just want to build one with Luke and Leia on it now? I do…

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