LEGO Star Wars and Marvel minifigure packs rumoured for 2022

Rumours suggest that LEGO Star Wars and Marvel will both be getting minifigure accessory packs in 2022 – a first for the theme from a galaxy far, far away.

Instagram user lego_fulcrum reports that we’ll be getting at least one accessory pack based on the Infinity Saga, and potentially multiple Star Wars accessory packs. These will apparently come in the form of blister packs, like the currently-available 40453 Batman vs. The Penguin & Harley Quinn and 40454 Spider-Man versus Venom and Iron Venom.

Based on the price and contents of those sets, we’re expecting three or four characters accompanied by a collection of mini-builds and minifigure accessories, all for £13.49 / $14.99 / €14.99. At the moment, though, there’s really nothing else to go on with regards to what they’ll contain – and with two enormous cinematic universes to draw from, the sky’s the limit.

Either way, it could be another great avenue for the LEGO Group to circumvent supposed restrictions around a Star Wars Collectible Minifigures series, joining the rumoured return of battle packs in 2022. But where 75320 Hoth Battle Pack will apparently give our Imperial armies a boost, it feels more likely – with a view to similar accessory sets – that any blister pack would include specific named characters.

If anything, it’s almost more surprising that it’s taken this long for Star Wars to join the blister pack assortment, which does make this rumour feel a little more credible. But it is still just a rumour for now, so treat it lightly until confirmed otherwise.

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