LEGO Star Wars UCS 75313 AT-AT confirmed?

The LEGO Group’s customer service team may have confirmed the existence of the rumoured Ultimate Collector Series set 75313 AT-AT.

Word of a long-awaited UCS take on the Imperial walker first landed online back in January, with an expected piece count of 6,782 and a price tag of $800. That follows the pricing strategy set by second-half UCS releases in 2017 (75192 Millennium Falcon) and 2019 (75252 Imperial Star Destroyer).

Redditor TrooperNI has now shared screenshots of a conversation with a LEGO customer service representative that may indirectly confirm the existence of 75313 AT-AT. Following a standard inquiry about replacing broken parts, they probed: “Can I ask about the 75313 AT-AT set, will this be a LEGO store exclusive?”

The rep then responded: “This could change, but for now it is. We don’t have that information yet.” That’s not an outright confirmation, but it does suggest that 75313 AT-AT is at least in the company’s systems.

TrooperNI pressed for more details, including the price and release date, but the agent replied: “We won’t have that information until it’s available to the public. We are not allowed to announce it.” Okay, fair enough – but doesn’t that at least sound like confirmation that there is indeed something to announce in the first place?

Rumours of the UCS AT-AT originally emerged at the same time (and from the same source) as news of 75308 R2-D2 and 75309 Republic Gunship, both of which panned out as predicted. 75313 AT-AT isn’t a sure thing just yet, but all signs are pointing in one big, grey, four-legged direction.

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