LEGO Super Mario 71373 Builder Mario Power-Up Pack review

As seen in Super Mario Maker, 71373 Builder Mario Power-Up Pack offers a LEGO edition of the character’s unique look

Theme: Super Mario Price: £8.99 / $9.99 / €9.99 Pieces: 10 Available: August 1

Each Power-Up Pack in the LEGO Super Mario theme brings a new look and new abilities for the delightful character. 71373 Builder Mario Power-Up Pack offers an attractive yellow outfit and the ability to earn coins for slamming down.

For the Power-Up Pack to be of any use, fans need to first purchase 71360 Adventures with Mario Starter Course (review), which contains the Mario figure.

LEGO Super Mario 71373 Builder Mario Power Up Pack 6

Builder Mario is inspired by Super Mario Maker 2, in which the power up allows Mario to slam enemies with a huge hammer. As with each of the outfits in these packs, two circular tiles are added for the overall buttons, then the classic outfit is switched out for the Power-Up pack outfit.

Aesthetically, the outfit looks great. It contrasts strongly from the regular Mario look and the printing on the toolbelt has just the right ‘cartoony’ vibe for the theme.

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The functionality is a different story – Mario earns points for ‘stomping’, also known as being slammed down onto bricks. Never mind that fans who have bought into this theme will be a little nervous about aggressively handling the product, the coins earned in return for the slams are not really worth the effort.

It’s an alternative way to play with Mario, that’s for sure, but anyone tiring of their levels or abilities is unlikely to find that these Power-Up pack injects a new lease of life into the experience. At £8.99, it isn’t great value, even with the additional pieces that can be used to lengthen layouts.

Visually this is one of the better and more distinct Power-Up Packs, but 71373 Builder Mario Power-Up Pack is not one of the must-own sets in the LEGO Super Mario theme.

This product was provided by the LEGO Group.

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