LEGO VIDIYO 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox review

LEGO VIDIYO brings two new BeatBoxes to the fore in summer 2021, including the incredibly colourful 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox.

While much of VIDIYO’s second wave of sets expands beyond minifigures into builds – including 43115 The Boombox (review), 43114 Punk Pirate Ship (review) and 43111 Candy Castle Stage (review) – two sets that hew unfortunately close to the initial assortment have crept in, too.

We’re talking specifically about 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox and 43109 Metal Dragon BeatBox (review), which bring the total number of BeatBoxes up to eight. But with bigger and better sets also now on the table for the augmented-reality theme, can 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox do anything to deserve a slice of your LEGO budget?

— Set details —

Theme: LEGO VIDIYO Set name: 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox Release: June 1, 2021

Price: £17.99 / $19.99 / €19.99 Pieces: 89 Minifigures: 1

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— Build —

43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox’s build is very similar to the theme’s seven other BeatBoxes, with a few minor adjustments to the colours of the box’s base and handle. Beyond this, there are only minor design changes to the pattern across the back, which is once again comprised of small tile elements. The lack of major changes to the shape and size of the build are pretty much par for the course at this point, though.

The building process is very quick, flying by in under 10 minutes, and not particularly enjoyable given the number of small pieces used for the pattern on the back of the build, which mimics the fairy’s wings. Individually placing each of these pieces gets tedious pretty quickly, as does aligning the edges of the curved 1×1 tiles, but the colours work nicely together.

There is something these BeatBox builds get right that none of the larger LEGO VIDIYO sets have managed: a dedicated area to store all the excess BeatBits you’ll rack up not only with this product, but across any wider VIDIYO collection.

While 12 of the 16 BeatBits included (two of which are unique to this set) are able to be placed on the scan base, the remaining BeatBits are able to be stored in the coral slab located behind the minifigure’s stand. It’s a welcome component of 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox, particularly given it’s launching alongside those larger VIDIYO sets, positioning it as a perfect (if expensive) accompaniment to any and all of them.

— Characters —

43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox contains one minifigure, just as all the previous BeatBox sets have. The fairy minifigure drives the value for this set, with a predominantly teal and lime green torso and leg printing that nicely complements the coral hairpiece. As every fairy should, this one has a set of wings, which are a brand new element created specifically for this model.

— Price —

43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox is priced at £17.99 in the UK, $19.99 in the US and €19.99 in Europe, making this a tough recommendation at RRP. The only incentive to purchase this set is the fairy minifigure, but the price tag just isn’t justifiable for what you receive in return.

That comparison gets worse when you check out the rest of the summer VIDIYO wave, as for only a slightly higher investment, you could purchase either 43112 Robo HipHop Car (review) or 43111 Candy Castle Stage (review). Each of those sets includes two minifigures and – whisper it – an actual building experience.

— Pictures —

— Summary —

43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox follows dutifully in the footsteps of the first wave of BeatBoxes, and as such is really only worth picking up for the minifigure and (if you need it) the storage space for your excess BeatBits.

While the colours used here place 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox a tiny cut above the rest of the BeatBoxes – particularly given the harmony between the fairy and the box design – there’s too little value across the build to recommend it at full price.

Plus, the five new and larger LEGO VIDIYO sets – two of which come in at a similar price and offer much better bang for your buck – have effectively rendered the BeatBoxes as simply an extremely expensive way to purchase a single minifigure, and the same is unfortunately true of 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox. (Even if that minifigure is very good.)

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— FAQs —

How long does it take to build LEGO VIDIYO 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox?

LEGO VIDIYO 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox takes just under 10 minutes to complete, which is a pretty poor return given the price you’ll pay to pick it up.

How many pieces are in LEGO VIDIYO 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox?

43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox contains 89 pieces, making this the largest LEGO VIDIYO BeatBox to date.

How big is LEGO VIDIYO 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox?

43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox shares its dimensions with every other LEGO VIDIYO BeatBox, as the main shape and proportions of the build remain unchanged. That places it at 8cm tall, 7cm long and 9cm wide.

How much does LEGO VIDIYO 43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox cost?

43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox is priced at £17.99 in the UK, $19.99 in the US and €19.99 in Europe. It’s difficult to justify paying full price, so you might be better holding out for a discount.

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